5111.1 – Student – Student Attendance – Student Residency

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Adopted – 8/15/2002
Revised – 8/22/2019


The Pacific Grove Unified School District will actively investigate all cases where it has reason to believe false information has been provided. _________ (Initials)

The District may refer cases in which false information has been intentionally provided to the Monterey County District Attorney for further action and/or file civil action to recover damages incurred as a result of providing false information. __________ (Initials)

If false information is provided to the District for the purpose of enrolling my child in the District, I could be held liable for the expense to the District of educating my child, which amount could exceed $5,000.00 per school year. __________ (Initials)

Persons who provide false information on an affidavit are subject to criminal prosecution for perjury which is punishable by a fine and/or a prison term of up to four years in state prison. (Fam. Code Sec. 6552; Pen. Code Sec. 118 and 126). __________ (Initials)

Persons providing false information on an affidavit also are civilly liable for fraud, negligent misrepresentation, and negligence. Parties found civilly liable may be required to pay all damages caused to the District as a result of providing false information, as well as punitive damages. (Civ. Code Sec. 1709). __________ (Initials)

Persons who induce, obtain or otherwise solicit another person to provide false information on an affidavit are subject to the same criminal prosecution, fines, and imprisonment as the person directly committing perjury. (Pen. Code Sec. 127). __________ (Initials)

Investigations that reveal students have enrolled on the basis of providing false information will lead to withdrawal from the District. __________ (Initials)

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Reference: Ed Code 48200

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