6146.1- Instruction- Curriculum- Grading Students with Special Needs

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Adopted – 10/20/2005
Revised –

The Pacific Grove Unified School District adopts the grading policy presented below.


  1. A student with special needs will be assigned grades in accordance with the policies and regulations applicable to general education students unless an individualized grading system is provided in a student’s IEP or 504 Plan.


  1. Any individualized grading system will be approved by the student’s IEP team or Student Study Team and written into the student’s IEP or 504 Plan before it can be put into effect.
  2. Parents of students with special needs must provide informed consent, in writing, for implementation of their student’s individualized grading system.


    1. Parents must be made aware of the potential positive and negative outcomes of agreeing to such an individualized grading system.


    1. Pass/Fail grading may be included in a student’s individualized grading if written into the student’s IEP or 504 Plan and parents have given informed consent in writing before the course is taken.
  1. Course description titles such as “Basic” or “Practical” or Advanced” or “Honors” will be used to indicate the level of a course.
    1. Courses on transcripts cannot be designated as being special education or 504, such as “RSP” or “SDC.”
    2. Parents/students must be notified and agree if special course titles or codes such as an asterisk are used in a transcript and that grades earned in such courses would be considered “modified.” Parents must also be notified that post-secondary institutions that inquire about such identified courses will be informed of the student’s disability status.
  1. Students with special needs may take courses with or without accommodations and/or modifications, as specified in the student’s IEP or 504 Plan.
    1. The use of modifications by a student with special needs will result in grades being considered modified. Grades resulting from courses taken with modifications are used for computing “honor roll” status or for “graduation with honor.” However, this may not be the case in other school districts if for example the student transfers to another school district.
    2. The use of accommodations by a student with special needs will result in grades being assigned using the same standards as used for general education students.


  1. All students with special needs are able to access all general education classes if they meet prerequisite levels of skill as appropriate.




  1. Accommodations are those supports which are intended to minimize the impact of a student’s disability but do not fundamentally alter or lower course standards or expectations, such as being given extended time to complete tests or assignments.
  2. Modifications are supports which minimize the impact of the disability but fundamentally alter or lower course standards or student expectations, such as being allowed to use a calculator to complete a math computation exam.
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