5126 – Student – Student Progress – Awards for Achievement

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Adopted – 5/27/1999
Revised –

The Superintendent or designee may appoint an awards committee at each school to consider student accomplishments. This committee may consist of school administrators, teachers, parents and/or community members.

The committee shall submit recommendations for student awards to the Superin-tendent or designee for approval.

Individual awards in excess of $200 must be expressly approved by the Board.  (Education Code 44015)

Merit Diplomas

To be eligible to receive the Golden State Seal Merit Diploma upon graduation, students shall complete all requirements for a high school diploma and shall demonstrate a mastery of at least six subject areas, four of which shall be mathematics, English language arts, science and United States history, with the remaining two subject areas selected by the student.  (Education Code 51451)

To demonstrate mastery of these subject areas, students shall achieve the standards or achievement levels established by the State Board of Education for Golden State Examinations and other designated subject matter examinations.  (Education Code 51452)

The Superintendent or designee shall affix an insignia to the diploma and transcript of each student awarded the honors diploma.  (Education Code 51454)

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