9150 – Bylaws – Organization – Student Board Members

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Adopted – 7/16/1998
Revised – 10/22/2009

Duties of Student Board Member

The duties of the student Board member include the following:

1. To provide continuing input for Board deliberations.
2. To strengthen communications between the Board and District students.
3. To represent all students and facilitate the discussion of all sides of issues. This duty does not preclude the student Board member from stating his/her individual opinion.

Selection and Term

The President of the ASB will serve as the student Board member. The term of office shall be July 1 – June 30.


If the position of student Board member becomes vacant, or if the ASB President cannot attend, the Vice President will assume the student Board member position.

Board Materials/Information

The Superintendent or designee’s office shall provide the student Board member with full and complete agendas and copies of any materials received by the Board except for those materials covered in closed session and any other confidential materials. The Superintendent’s office shall serve as the “home office” for the student Board member, where he/she may make use of secretarial facilities and receive advice and/or information upon request.


Resolution #___
Student Board Member Motions

WHEREAS: The Governing Board of the Pacific Grove Unified School District includes one student Board member;

AND WHEREAS: California Education Code 35012 provides that the Board may authorize its student member(s) to make motions that may be acted upon by the Board, except on matters dealing with employer-employee relations pursuant to Government Code 3540-3549.3;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: That the Board hereby authorizes its student member(s) to make motions as specified above.

Passed and Adopted by the Governing Board of the
_____________________, by the following vote:__________, by the following vote:





President, Governing Board

School District

County, California

Attested by______________________
Secretary to the Board

See Bylaw #9150
CSBA Date – 3/93

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