9123 – Bylaws – Organization – Vice-President/ Clerk

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Adopted – 7/16/1998
Revised – 10/22/2009
At the annual organizational meeting, the Governing Board shall elect a Vice-President/Clerk from its own membership.

The duties of the Vice-President/Clerk shall be to:

1. Serve as presiding officer in the absence of the president and, in such case, shall exercise all powers and bear all responsibilities of the President

2. Maintain such other records or reports as required by law

3. Attend Board agenda meetings as necessary

4. Sign documents on behalf of the district as directed by the Board

5. Perform any other duties assigned by the Board

Legal Reference:
17593 Repair and supervision of property (duty of district clerk)
35038 Appointment of clerk by county superintendent of schools
35039 Dismissal of clerk
35121 Appointment of clerk in certain city and high school districts
35143 Annual organizational meetings
35250 Duty to keep certain records and reports
38113 Duty of clerk (re provision of school supplies)
54950-54963 Ralph M. Brown Act

Management Resources:
CSBA Professional Governance Standards, 2000
Maximizing School Board Leadership: Boardsmanship, 1996

CSBA Date – 9/88

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