9100 – Bylaws – Organization – Annual Organizational Meeting

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Adopted – 7/16/1998
Revised – 10/22/2009
Annual Organizational Meeting

The Board shall hold an annual organizational meeting within the time limits prescribed by law. (Education Code 35143) The Superintendent shall serve as Executive Secretary to the Board.

At this meeting the Board shall:
1. Elect a President and a Vice-President/Clerk from its members
2. Authorize signatures
3. Develop a schedule of regular meetings for the year
4. Designate Board representatives to standing and other committees
5. Develop a Board calendar

Meeting Procedures
The rules contained in the current issue of Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised (RONR) shall be used to determine parliamentary procedures.

Election of Officers
The Board shall each year elect one of its members to be President and one to be Vice President/Clerk. Each is elected to serve a one-year term.

Nomination Process
The Superintendent, serving as Secretary to the Board, shall initiate the nomination process in October, by sending to each Board member a form on which the Board member indicates his/her interest in serving in one of the elected positions. The Superintendent compiles the information and sends a copy to each Board member prior to the December Organizational meeting. Nominations and the election of each office are made at the annual organizational meeting.

If any vacancy occurs in the position of President or Vice-President/Clerk, the Board shall elect, by a majority vote of the total membership constituting the Board of Trustees, a new President or Vice-President/Clerk from its membership at the first regular or special meeting following the vacancy.

Legal Reference:
5017 Term of office
35143 Annual organizational meeting date, and notice
35145 Public meetings
54953 Meetings to be open and public; attendance
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CSBA Date – 9/92

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