9000.1 – Bylaws – Role of Board/ Powers and Responsibilities – Legal Authority and Structure of the Board

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Adopted – 2/4/1993
Revised – 10/1/2009
The Board of Education exists under, and derives its power from the Constitution of the United States, and relevant laws of the State of California.

The school District is designated as the Pacific Grove Unified School District. “Unified” refers to the fact that the boundaries of the elementary and secondary school Districts are coterminous, and is vested in one Board of Education.

Authority for control of the Pacific Grove Unified School District is vested in this elected Board of Education.

The government of the Pacific Grove Unified School District shall be vested in a Board of Education composed of five members who shall be elected at elections called, held, and conducted as now or hereafter provided in the Education Code.

Each person elected to membership on the Board of Education shall hold office for a term of four years in accordance with the Education Code.

Elections will be held biennially, on odd numbered years, in accordance with the provisions of the Education Code.

Education Code
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