7400 – Facilities – Property Management – Lease or rental of non-educational properties

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Regulation – x
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Adopted – 6/3/2004
Revised –
Terms of the lease, sales agreement or other legal documents approved by the Board will govern the use of the property.

In rent or lease situations, the Superintendent or designee will meet with the tenant to determine ongoing needs, problems, concerns, etc.

On an annual basis, a written report will be forwarded to the Board of Education, which will as a minimum address the following:

1. Financial standing of each of the tenants, rents paid, rents owed, utilities paid, or other items as needed

2. Needs of tenants and properties that are anticipated for the upcoming year

3. In the case that a tenant becomes delinquent in their payment for a period of 60 days, information will be forwarded to the Board of Education regarding the delinquency and actions that are being pursued to recover the rent.

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