7230.1 – Facilities – Grounds and maintenance – Improvements to District Facilities by Outside organizations

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Adopted – 5/4/2004
Revised – 10/22/2009
The District appreciates support for improving facilities from various individuals, community groups, booster groups, and other groups. Proposals for constructing new facilities or the repair and rehabilitation of existing facilities from such individuals and groups will be considered and, if approved, accepted by the District. These improvements/repairs are donations to the District. The donated facility’s use shall be based on the assumption that all educational programs and/or activities have first priority for scheduling and use. The donation does not provide exclusive access or use by the donor or donor’s organization unless agreed to by the Governing Board at the time of approval of the project.

All work is to be approved in advance by the site Administrator, District Administration and/or Board of Education, depending upon the type and magnitude of work as defined in regulation. All design and construction is to be in compliance with applicable local, State, and federal laws and regulations and District construction standards. All improvements to athletic facilities shall be in compliance with Title IX of federal regulations. Improvements, repairs, and rehabilitation performed without appropriate approvals and/or in conflict with local, State, and federal laws and regulations and District construction standards are subject to immediate removal by the Maintenance Department. The cost of the removal shall be charged to the individual or organization.

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