7131 – Facilities – Concepts and Roles in Facilities – Relations With Local Agencies

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Adopted – 5/7/1998
Revised – 9/19/2002
The Governing Board recognizes the importance of two-way communication with other local agencies in order to provide the best possible school facilities and make the best use of school construction funds. The Board shall consult and coordinate with local agencies as required by law and whenever the expertise of these agencies can assist the District in the planning, design and construction of facilities.

The Superintendent or designee shall monitor land development proposals within District boundaries and shall ensure that an exchange of accurate information with city/county planning staff regarding the impact of land development on the District’s educational programs and facility needs is maintained.

Recognizing that available funds may not suffice to eliminate overcrowding in District schools caused by new development, the Board urges the city/county to adopt in its general plan, or other appropriate planning documents, a provision which ensures that adequate school facilities will be available to the extent permitted by law.

Impact Ordinances

The Board shall notify the city council or county board of supervisors whenever it finds, based on clear and convincing evidence: (Government Code 65971)

1. That conditions of overcrowding exist in one or more attendance areas within the District that will impair the normal functioning of the educational pro-grams, and the reason for the existence of those conditions
2. That all reasonable methods of mitigating conditions of overcrowding have been evaluated and no feasible method for reducing those conditions exist.

The above notice shall specify the mitigation measures considered by the District and shall include a completed application to the Office of Public School Construction for preliminary determination of eligibility for school construction under applicable state law. (Government Code 65971)

17280-17316 Approval of plans and supervision of construction
35275 New school planning; cooperation with recreation and park authorities
53090-53097.5 Compliance with city or county regulations
65300-65307 Authority for and scope of general plans
65850-65863.9 Adoption of regulations, especially
65860 Consistency of zoning ordinances with general plan
65970-65981 School facilities, especially:
65995-65997 Developer fees
21000-21177 California Environmental Quality Act of 1970
14010 Procedure for site acquisition
15000-15282 Implementation of California Environmental Quality Act of 1970
CSBA Date – 2/96

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