7112 – Facilities – Concepts and Roles – Environmentally Preferable Purchases and Practices

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Adopted – 12/11/2008
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The District will use recycled products and recycled materials to meet it’s needs, in compliance with the Waste Management Reduction Act, whenever financially feasible and practical relative to program and operational needs,

1. When a choice of products is available, within the constraints of financial resources and program needs, special emphasis shall be placed on the purchase of products manufactured with post-consumer recycled materials.

2. Contractors and consultants to the District will be requested to use recycled products in fulfilling contractual obligations to the District to the extent that this is practical and within their financial resources and operational constraints.

Environmentally Preferable Practices

1. The District will act to make resource conservation an integral part of its waste reduction and recycling programs, whenever practical.

2. The District will attempt to decrease the amount of waste of consumable materials by encouraging, wherever practical: a) the reduction of the consumption of consumable materials; b) the full utilization of all materials prior to disposal; and c) minimum use of non-biodegradable products wherever possible.

3. The District will cooperate with, and participate in, recycling efforts being made by the city and county. As systems for recovering waste and recycling develop within the area, the District will participate by appropriately separating and allowing recovery of recyclable waste products, whenever practical.

4. The District will purchase recycled products when such product alternatives are available, financially viable and practical relative to program needs.

5. The District will also encourage suppliers, both private and public, that it conducts business with, to make recyclable products and unbleached paper products available for purchase.

Purchase Responsibilities of Recycled Products and Materials Coordinator

The Assistant Superintendent shall coordinate the implementation of the district’s policy regarding environmentally preferable practices.

A list of recycled products meeting possible district and school site needs will be established for use by sites and programs whenever practical. A mechanism for updating the list will be established.

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