6162.7 – Instruction – Instructional Services – Use of Technology in Instruction

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Adopted – 12/7/1995
Revised –
Appropriate Use Of Technology

The Governing Board recognizes that technology provides ways to access the most current and most extensive sources of information available. Technology also enables students and staff to practice skills and to develop reasoning and problem-solving abilities. In addition, electronic resources foster workplace skills that may be transferable to new technologies. Therefore while efforts will be made to provide access to technology and on-fine services through the district’s schools and classes, it is critical that such access is appropriately used.

On-Line Services

To preclude misuses of the system, the Superintendent or designee shall establish telecommunications user guidelines that ensure that users receive training in user obligations and responsibilities.

Before using on-line services, the user shall sign the district’s Technology User Apreement and sign and initial where appropriate the Technology User Contract, indicating that the user understands and agrees to abide by specified user obligations and responsibilities.

Staff shall closely supervise students while using on-line services and may ask teacher aides and student aides to assist in this supervision.

The Superintendent or designee shall establish administrative regulations governing use of the district’s on-line services. The Superintendent shall ensure that users have no expectation of privacy and understand that district staff may monitor or examine all system activities to ensure proper use of the system. Users who fail to abide by these regulations shall be subject to disciplinary action, revocation of the user account and legal action as appropriate.

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CSBA Date – 10/93

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