6162.5 – Instruction – Instructional Services – Student Assessment

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Adopted – 3/5/1998
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The Governing Board believes that the primary purpose of student assessments should be to help students, parents/guardians and teachers identify individual student’s academic strengths and progress, as well as areas needing improvement, in order to enhance teaching and learning. Assessments should also serve to determine the effectiveness of the schools and the district as measured by students’ knowledge of fundamental skills and their ability to apply those skills.

The Board desires to use a variety of evaluation measures to reach the above goals. To have validity, tests must correspond to the material that is being taught and measure the extent to which students meet clearly specified standards of achievement. A single test or testing method cannot be expected to always take ethnic, cultural or gender differences into account, nor to provide an accurate assessment of each student’s skills.

When districtwide and school-level results of student assessments are published, the Superintendent or designee may provide supplementary information to assist the local community in interpreting test results and evaluating school perfor-mance.

Mandatory Statewide Assessments

The Superintendent or designee shall administer mandatory student assessments in core curricular areas to all students in grades 2 through 11 as required by law. (Education Code 60640)

The Board desires to use the results of the statewide, nationally normed assessment to evaluate the performance of its students with that of other students across the state and nation.

Golden State Examinations

The Board believes that participation in the Golden State Examinations can motivate students to succeed in key academic courses.

The Superintendent or designee may require students in one or more selected courses to participate in the Golden State Examinations for reasons related to the curricular offerings.

School award programs shall be held to recognize all students who participate in the Golden State Examinations, with special recognition for those who receive honors.

EC 51041, 51513, 60600-652; CODE OF REGS, TITLE 5 4400; CDE LEGAL ADV: 0924.91; CDE PROGRAM ADV: 0327.86.
CSBA Date – 10/97

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