6161.11 – Instruction – Instructional Services – Supplemental and Instructional Material

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Adopted – 3/15/2012
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The Board of Education encourages teachers to use supplementary instructional materials which are relevant to curriculum objectives and compatible with district goals and objectives. By using such materials, teachers can introduce content and instructional strategies that enrich the curriculum, enhance learning, help students make critical judgments, and stimulate their intellectual growth.
Teachers shall carefully preview all supplementary instructional materials in order to ensure that, in their professional judgment, the materials are:
1. Directly related to the course of study in which they are being used
2. Appropriate for students’ ages and maturity levels
Supplementary instructional materials must also be consistent with criteria developed for the selection and evaluation of other instructional materials. If the teacher believes that the materials may be in conflict with district criteria, the teacher shall confer with the principal or designee before using them.
When using supplementary materials, teachers shall provide appropriate introductory and follow-up activities. In addition, teachers shall ensure that supplementary materials do not supplant the use of basic texts or teaching activities.
All materials must be used within legal copyright limits.
When a teacher desires to show a film that has not been approved by the district or county for use in the grade level taught, the teacher shall preview the film to determine whether in his/her professional judgment it is consistent with district criteria for the selection of instructional materials. All films must be appropriate for the curriculum and the students’ ages.
If the teacher has any questions about how established district criteria apply to the film, he/she shall confer with the principal or designee before showing the film.

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