6153 – Instruction – Instructional Arrangements – School Sponsored Trips

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Adopted – 3/5/1998
Revised – 4/17/2008
The Governing Board recognizes that school-sponsored trips are important components of a student’s development. Besides supplementing and enriching classroom learning experiences, such trips encourage new interests among students, make them more aware of community resources, and help them relate their school experiences to the outside world. The Board believes that careful planning can greatly enhance the value and safety of such trips.

If the Board allocates funds for school-sponsored trips, individual schools may be provided with budgetary allocations so that they can plan ahead. Special trip expense funds may be established when necessary for fund-raising purposes.

All trips involving out-of-state or overnight travel shall require the prior approval of the Board. The Superintendent, in consultation with the Board President or Clerk, may authorize overnight travel on behalf of the Board when such authorization is required within five (5) school days of the departure time and the sudden notice of the event is unavoidable. The Superintendent will notify the entire Board as soon as possible. Other trips may be approved by the Superintendent.

Principals shall ensure that teachers develop plans, which provide for the safety of students and their proper supervision by certificated staff on all school-sponsored trips. Other school employees and parents/guardians also may participate in this supervision and may be asked to attend preparatory training sessions and/or meetings.

The ratio of adults to students on school-sponsored trips shall be at least one to ten. If the trip involves water activities, this ratio shall be revised to ensure closer supervision of elementary grade students, appropriate to their ages.

Study Trips

In advance of a study trip, teachers shall determine educational objectives, which relate directly to the curriculum. Principals shall ensure that teachers develop plans, which provide for the best use of students’ learning time while on the trip. Teachers also shall provide appropriate instruction before and after the trip.

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CSBA Date – 3/91

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