6146.11 – Instruction – Curriculum – Alternative Credits Toward Graduation

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Adopted – 3/5/1998
Revised – 12/13/2001

Juvenile Court School

The District shall accept for credit any coursework satisfactorily completed by students while detained in a juvenile court school or county or state-operated institution. District students who successfully complete District graduation requirements while so detained shall receive a diploma from the school they last attended.  (Education Code 48645.5)

 Foreign Language Instruction

The District shall accept for credit foreign language courses successfully completed in a private school, provided that all of the following conditions are met:

  1. The student or parent/guardian applies in writing for the credit, specifies the private school attended and the amount and level of credit requested, and submits written evidence from the private school showing that the student successfully completed the course.
  2. The amount of credit sought equals at least one semester’s work.
  3. The principal or designee determines that the student’s achievement is equivalent to that expected of a student of comparable ability taking the same or similar instruction in District schools.

 College Courses

The District shall give credit toward high school graduation for course work successfully completed at a junior college or state college, provided that:

  1. The student applies in writing for the credit.
  2. The course subject is included in the high school course of study.
  3. The student receives the same letter grade for the high school credit as is granted by the college.

Questions regarding specific credit earned for a given class should be referred to the high school counseling office.



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