5145.8 – Student – Student Welfare – Students Rights to Refrain from the Harmful or Destructive Use of Animals

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Adopted – 7/16/1998
Revised –
The Governing Board supports the right of students to refrain from participating in instruction which involves dissecting or otherwise harming or destroying animals when they have a moral objection to such activities.

Students shall not be discriminated against because of a decision to exercise this right. (Education Code 32255.1)

After notifying the teacher of his/her objection pursuant to law and administrative regulations, the student shall be excused from the project and may be provided an appropriate alternative project. The Board encourages staff, whenever possible to provide an alternative project that teaches the same knowledge and skills as the original project. In any case, staff shall ensure the effective use of students time by providing instructional activities relevant to the course of study.

EC 32255-255.6, 48980
CSBA Date – 2/98

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