5145.6 – Student – Student Welfare – Parent Notifications

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Adopted – 11/6/1997
Revised – 3/6/2003
The Governing Board recognizes that notifications are essential to effective communication between the school and the home. The Superintendent or designee shall send students and parents/guardians all notifications required by law, including notifications about their legal rights, and any other notifications he/she believes will promote parental understanding and involvement.

The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that notifications that must be sent at the beginning of each academic year include a request that the parent/guardian sign the notice and return it to the school. (Education Code 48982)

Notifications to parents/guardians shall be written both in English and in the family’s primary language when so required by law. Whenever an employee learns that a student’s parent/guardian is for any reason unable to understand the district’s printed notifications, the principal or designee shall work with the parent/guardian to establish other appropriate means of communication.

221.5 Prohibited sex discrimination
231.5 Sexual harassment policy
262.3 Appeals; information re: availability of civil remedies
310 Structured English Immersion Program
17288 Pupils: school buildings
17612 Notification of pesticide use
32255-32255.6 Right to refuse harmful or destructive use of animals
32390 Fingerprint program; contracts; funding; consent of parent/guardian; mailing of documents containing fingerprints to parent/guardian
35178.4 Notice of accreditation status
35183 School dress codes; uniforms
35256 School accountability report card
35291 Rules
35291.5 Rules and procedures on school discipline
37616 Consultation
39831.5 School bus rider rules and information
44808.5 Permission to leave school grounds
46010.1 Notice re: excuse to obtain confidential medical services
46014 Regulations regarding absences for religious purposes
46600-46611 Interdistrict attendance agreements especially:
46601 Failure to approve interdistrict attendance
48000 Minimum age of admission
48070.5 Promotion or retention of students
48204 Residency requirements for school attendance
48205 Absence for personal reasons
48206.3 Pupils with temporary disabilities; individual instruction; definitions
48207 Pupils with temporary disabilities in hospitals outside of school district
48208 Students with temporary disabilities in qualifying hospitals
48209.9 Application deadline; notice of acceptance or rejection
48213 Notice to parent or guardian
48216 Immunization
48260.5 Notice to parent re truancy
48263 Referral to SARB or probation department
48432.5 Involuntary transfers of pupils
48637.1 Notice of intended assignment
48900.1 Attendance of parent or guardian for portion of school day
48904 Liability of parent/guardian for willful pupil misconduct
48904.3 Withholding grades, diplomas, or transcripts
48906 Notification of release of pupil to peace officer
48911 Notification in case of suspension
48912 Closed sessions; consideration of suspension
48915.1 Expelled individuals: enrollment in another district
48915.5 Expulsion of special education student
48916 Readmission procedures
48918 Rules governing expulsion procedures
48980 Required notification at beginning of term
48980.3 Notification of pesticide use
48981 Time and means of notification
48982 Signature; return to school; effect of signature
48983 Contents of notice
48984 Activities prohibited unless notice given
48985 Notices to parents in language other than English
48987 Child abuse information
49063 Notification of parents of their rights
49067 Regulations regarding pupil’s achievement
49068 Transfer of permanent enrollment and scholarship record
49069 Absolute right to access
49070 Challenging content of records
49073 Release of directory information
49076 Access to student records
49077 Access to information concerning a student in compliance with court order
49091.14 Prospectus
49302 Parental consent
49332 Notifications of retention of object by school personnel; release
49403 Cooperation in control of communicable disease and immunization
49423 Administration of prescribed medication for pupil
49451 Physical examinations: parent’s refusal to consent
49452.5 Screening for scoliosis
49456 Report to parent
49472 Medical and hospital services for pupils
49480 Continuing medication regimen for nonepisodic conditions
49510-49520 Duffy-Moscone Family Nutrition Education and Services Act of 1970
51201.5 Instruction on AIDS and AIDS prevention
51240 Excuse from instruction due to religious beliefs
51513 Personal beliefs
51550 Sex education courses
51554 Parent notification; sex education courses
51555 Parent notification in grades K-6; sex education courses
51820 Venereal disease instruction; written notification to parent; inspection of instructional material; consensual pupil participation
51870.5 Internet access policy
52164.1 Census-taking methods; determination of primary language; assessment of language skills; notice
52164.3 Notice of reassessment of language skills
52173 Consultation with parents or guardians; notice to parents or guardians; withdrawal of pupil from program
52244 Advanced Placement Program
54444.2 Migrant education programs; parent involvement
56301 Child-find system; policies re: written notification rights
56321 Special education: proposed assessment plan
56329 Written notice of right to findings; independent assessment
56341 Individualized education program team
56343.5 IEP meetings
56346 Parental notice and consent to special education program
56507 State hearing; use of attorney
58501 Alternative schools: notice required prior to establishment
60641 Standardized Testing and Reporting Program
60850 High School Exit Exam
1596.857 Right to enter child care facility
120365 Immunizations
120370 Immunizations
120375 Immunizations
120440 Sharing immunization information
124085 Certificate of receipt; health screening and evaluation services; waiver by parent/guardian
124100 School districts and private schools; information to parents or guardians of kindergarten children; withholding of average daily attendance funds
627.5 Hearing request following denial or revocation of registration
18976.5 Parental notice; right of refusal to participate

863 Standardized Testing and Reporting Program
3052 Behavioral intervention
3831 General standards (Gifted and Talented Program)
4306 Reclassification
4622 Notice requirements and recipients
4631 Responsibilities of the local agency
11303 Education for English language learners
11523 Notice of proficiency examinations (HS)
18066 Policies and procedures absences for child care
1232g Family Educational and Privacy Rights Act
1415 Procedural Safeguards
1681-1688 Title IX, discrimination based on sex or blindness
2001d -2001d-7, Title VI, Civil Rights Act of 1964
99.7 Student records, annual notification
99.34 Student records, disclosure to other educational agencies
104.36 Procedural safeguards
106.9 Dissemination of policy, nondiscrimination on basis of sex
300.345 Parent participation
300.502 Independent educational evaluation
300.503 Prior written notice
300.505 Parental consent
300.507 Parent notice due process hearing
300.523 Manifestation determination review
763.93 Management plans
PUBLIC LAW 107-110
1111 State plans
1112 Local educational agency plans
1116 Academic assessment and local educational agency school improvement
1118 Parental involvement
9528 Armed forces recruiter access to students
CSBA Date – 10/97

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