5141.3 – Student – Student Welfare – Health Examinations

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Adopted – 11/6/1997
Revised –
The Governing Board recognizes that periodic health examinations of students may lead to the detection and treatment of conditions that impact learning. Health examinations also may help in determining whether special adaptations of the school program are necessary.

In addition to verifying that students have complied with legal requirements for health examinations and immunizations before enrolling in school, the district shall administer tests for vision, hearing and scoliosis as required by law.

All students who participate as cheerleaders, song leaders, or athletes in organized competitive sports shall first undergo and file with the district a current medical examination. Upon sustaining an injury or serious illness, a student may be required to have another examination before participating further. This requirement does not apply to participants in occasional play day or field day activities.

The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that staff employed to examine students exercise proper care of each student and that examination results are kept confidential. Records related to these examinations shall be available only in accordance with law. (EC 49450)

Reports to the Board regarding the number of students found to have physical problems and the effort made to correct them shall in no way reveal the identity of students. (EC 49457)

EC 44871-879, 49400-413, 49422, EC 49450-457, 49460-466; HEALTH & SAFETY CODE 120325-380, 121475-520;
CODE OF REGS, TITLE 5 590-596, 3027, 3028.
CSBA Date – 6/96

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