5141.24 – Student – Student Welfare – Specialized Health Care Services

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Adopted – 11/6/1997
Revised –
The Governing Board is aware that some district students may require specialized physical health care services during the school day in order to attend school. In accordance with the student’s individualized education program or written accommodation plan, trained and qualified personnel shall perform these services under the supervision of a school nurse, public health nurse or licensed physician.

EC 49423.5, 56000-606; Adopted: November 6, 1997
CODE OF REGS, TITLE 5 3051.12; US CODE, TITLE 20 1400; US CODE, TITLE 29 701, 794;
CODE OF FED REGS, TITLE 34 300.16; CDE PUBLICATIONS: Guidelines and Procedures for Meeting the Specialized Physical Health Care Needs of Pupils (The Green Book)
CSBA Date – 6/94

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