5141.21 – Student – Student Welfare – Administering Medication and Monitoring Health Conditions

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Adopted – 11/6/1997
Revised – 05/15/2003

Medical Recommendations

The Board believes that medical recommendations are only to be made by qualified medical practitioners. If staff members are concerned about a medical recommendation for a student, the topic should be addressed with the parent during the student study team process. At this time, the information will be weighed in context with the student s overall performance. At no time should district staff make recommendations related to medications for students.

The Governing Board recognizes that students may need to take prescribed medication during the school day in order to be able to attend school without jeopardizing their health.

When the District has received written statements from the student’s physician and parent/guardian, designated personnel shall assist the student in taking the medication. In addition, upon written request, designated personnel may assist the student in monitoring, testing or other treatment of an existing medical condition. (Education Code 49423)

Upon written request by the parent/guardian and with the approval of the student’s physician, a student with an existing medical condition that requires frequent monitoring, testing or treatment may be allowed to self administer this service. The student shall observe universal precautions in the handling of blood and bodily fluids.

Anaphylactic Injections

The Board recognizes that some students have allergies of such severity that they may require an emergency anaphylactic injection during the course of the school day. Parents/guardians who are aware of this foreseeable need may ask the District to provide such injections in accordance with administrative regulations.

School staff who may be required to administer anaphylactic injections shall receive training from qualified medical personnel. They will be authorized to administer the injections in accordance with administrative regulations and will be afforded appropriate liability protection.

49407 Liability for treatment
49408 Emergency information
49423 Administration of prescribed medication for student
49423.5 Specialized health care services
49426 School nurses
49480 Continuing medication regimen; notice

2700-2837 Nursing, especially:
2726 Authority not conferred
2727 Exceptions in general
CSBA Date – 10/95

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