5141.1 – Student – Student Welfare – Accidents

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Regulation –
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Adopted – 11/6/1997
Revised –
Although the district makes every reasonable effort to prevent student accidents and injuries, accidents occur. The Superintendent or designee shall develop procedures to ensure that first aid and/or medical attention is provided as quickly as possible and that parents/guardians are notified of accidents.

Universal precautions shall be observed whenever it is possible that students, employees or others may have contact with blood or body fluids as a result of the accident.

Mouthpieces, resuscitation bags or other ventilation devices shall be available at each school and during athletic competitions in the event that resuscitation is necessary.

District staff shall appropriately report and document student accidents.

EC 32040-044, 49300-307, EC 49408, 49409, 49470-474, 51202; CODE OF REGS, TITLE 8 5193.

CSBA Date – 3/93

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