5131.63 – Student – Student Activities – Steroids

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Adopted – 5/1/2008
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The Governing Board recognizes that the use of steroids and other performance-enhancing supplements presents a serious health and safety hazard. As part of the district’s drug prevention and intervention efforts, the Superintendent or designee and staff shall make every effort to ensure that students do not begin or continue the use of steroids or other performance-enhancing supplements. This may include student lessons on the effects of steroids as part of the 7-12 grade health, physical education, or drug education program.

Students participating in interscholastic athletics are prohibited from using steroids or any other performance-enhancing supplement.

Before participating in interscholastic athletics, a student athlete and his/her parent/guardian shall sign an agreement that the student athlete shall not use alcohol or other drugs, including steroids, unless the student has a written prescription from a fully licensed physician, as recognized by the American Medical Association, to treat a medical condition.

A student who is found to have violated the agreement or this policy shall be restricted from participating in athletics and shall be subject to disciplinary procedures including, but not limited to, suspension or expulsion in accordance with law, Board policy, and administrative regulation.

Coaches shall educate students about the district’s prohibition and the dangers of using steroids and other performance-enhancing supplements.

The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that district schools do not accept sponsorships or donations from supplement manufacturers that offer muscle-building supplements to students.

Legal Reference:
51260-51269 Drug education, especially:
51262 Use of anabolic steroids; legislative finding and declaration

1812.97 Warning statement; posting in athletic facilities
110423.2 Dietary supplements

Management Resources:
California Interscholastic Federation Constitution and Bylaws 2005-06

CSBA: http://www.csba.org
California Interscholastic Federation: http://www.cifstate.org
National Center for Drug Free Sport: http://www.drugfreesport.com
National Institute on Drug Abuse: http://www.nida.nih.gov

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