5030 – Student – Student Wellness – Healthy educational Environment

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Adopted – 6/22/2006
Revised – 6/08/2017


Pacific Grove Unified School District has the responsibility to ensure that our schools offer the best possible climate for the education of students in the 21st century. The Board of Education is committed to providing a school environment that promotes and protects student mental, physical, and emotional health and well-being, recognizing the important connection between healthy lifestyle choices and a student’s ability to learn and achieve high standards. The Board values students and respects their right to receive a high quality education in a setting free from commercial influences. The Board believes students need a comprehensive wellness education program, including adequate exercise, nourishing foods, and a knowledge of health principles in order to ensure their future well-being. Because the Board recognizes the importance of involving parents, students, food service professionals, administrators, teachers and community health educators in the process of developing and implementing this wellness policy, the Board will maintain a committee dedicated to student wellness. The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act was passed in 2010.

Legal Reference


3350-33354 CDE responsibilities re: physical education
35182.5 Advertising
38080-38103 Cafeteria, establishment and use
38086 Free Fresh Drinking Water
44807.5 Recess Restrictions
45103.5 Contracts for management consulting services; restrictions
48931 Authorization and sale of food
48980 Notice at beginning of term
49430-49436 Pupil Nutrition, Health, and Achievement Act of 2001
49490-49493 School breakfast and lunch programs
49500-49505 School meals
49510-49520 Nutrition
49530-49536 Child Nutrition Act
49540-49546 Child care food program
49547-49548.3 Comprehensive nutrition services
49550-49562 Meals for needy students
49565-49565.8 California Fresh Start pilot programs
49570 National School Lunch Act
51200 Course of Study
51210 Course of study, grade 1-6
51210.1-51210.2 Physical Education, grades 1-6
51210.4 Nutrition education
51220 Course of study, grade 7-12
51222 Physical education
51223 Physical education, elementary schools
51520 School premises; prohibited solicitations
51795-51798 School instructional gardens
51880-51921 Comprehensive health education


15500-15501 Food sales by student organization
15510 Mandatory Meals
15530-15535 Nutrition Education
15550-15565 School lunch and breakfast programsCODE OF FEDERAL REGULATIONS, TITLE 7

210.1-210.33 National School Lunch Program
210.30 Wellness Policy
220.1-220.22 National School Breakfast Program
245.1-245.13 Determination of eligibility for free and reduced price meals


1232,g Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act
6301-6514 Title 1 Program


1751-1769 National School Lunch Program, Especially:
1758b Local wellness policy
1771-1793 Child Nutrition Act, including:
1773 School breakfast program
1779 Rules and regulations, Child Nutrition Act



113700-114455 California Uniform Retail Food Facilities Law
114200-114245 Vending machines


0520.2 Title 1 Program Improvement Schools
3353 Free and Reduced Price Meals
3513.3 Tobacco-Free Schools
3550 Board policy Food Service/Child Nutrition
3554 Other Food Sales
3555 Nutrition Program Compliance
5131.6 Alcohol and Other Drugs
5131.61 Drug Testing
5125 Student Records
5131.6 Substance Abuse
5131.62 Tobacco
5131.64 Alcohol testing
5141.4 Child Abuse Reporting
5141.31 Immunization
5141.3 Health Examinations
5141.24 Special Health Care Issues
5141.6 Student Health and Social Services
6142.1 Sexual Health and HIV/Aids Prevention Education
6020 Concepts and Roles – Parent Involvement
6164.2 Guidance/Counseling Services
5142.8 Comprehensive Health Education
6143 Course of Study
6162.51 Standardized Testing and Reporting Program
6171 Title 1 Programs
6190 Evaluation of the Instructional Program


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