4351 – Personnel – Management and Confidential Personnel – Management and Confidential Compensation

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Adopted – 4/6/2000
Revised – 10/25/2007

Management and confidential personnel shall be recommended for the initial placement on the salary schedule by the Superintendent, according to their education and experience in their field. The Superintendent will have flexibility in making recommendations for placement on the salary schedule where in the judgment of the Superintendent, employment of such personnel is in the best interest of the District. Salary schedules are maintained in the Human Resources Office.

Compensation Agreements / Salary Schedules

A Compensation Agreement and Salary Schedules for Management Personnel, and one for Confidential Personnel are developed annually and are on file in the Human Resources Office.

Automobile Allowance

Each management personnel is required to have an automobile on the job. As partial reimbursement for use of a private automobile in the performance of regularly assigned duties, management personnel shall receive a $40 monthly automobile allowance for within District travel. Reimbursement for in/out of county travel will be reimbursed at the District rate per mile.

Confidential Personnel

Confidential Personnel will be reimbursed for necessary travel at the District rate per mile.

See Policy #4351
CSBA Date – 9/88

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