4314 – Personnel – Management and Confidential Personnel – Transfer/Reassignment

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Adopted – 4/6/2000
Revised –

A change in assignment or class not involving a change in the rate of pay.

Voluntary Transfer

A confidential employee may be transferred at his/her request from one position to another in the same class. Transfers shall be made without change in salary rate, anniversary date, accumulated sick leave and accumulated vacation credit.

Involuntary Transfer

An involuntary transfer will be made only after a meeting with the confidential employee involved and the Superintendent or his/her designee, at which time the confidential employee shall be notified in writing by the Superintendent or his/her designee of the decision and the reasons for the transfer. The confidential employee shall have the right to appeal an involuntary transfer.

Transfers shall have the following effects on seniority:

1. Within the same class — None.

2. From one class to another — The confidential employee shall not receive seniority credit in the new class for service in other classes; however, he/she shall retain such credit as seniority in the classified service.

Reference: District Originated.

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