4313.1 – Personnel – Management and Confidential Personnel – Work Day and work year

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Adopted – 4/6/2000
Revised – 10/25/2007
The Governing Board designates, in accordance with law, salaried positions that are exempt from overtime. Persons holding these positions work whatever hours are necessary in order to fulfill their assignments. Their positions are set apart from other positions by virtue of the duties, flexibility of hours, salary, benefit structure and authority that they entail.

Employees serving in positions excluded from overtime shall not be unreasonably discriminated against as a result of the exclusion. (Education Code 45130)

Exempt employees’ pay shall not be subject to salary deductions for absences of less than a day.

Confidential Personnel

Confidential personnel are entitled to overtime as described in the classified employee contract.

Work Day (Management Personnel only)

The work day of management personnel fluctuates according to the needs of the job. Under normal circumstances the management personnel should be at school when school is in session. Exceptions may be made by the Superintendent for other activities related to the administrator’s job. In general administrators will be granted no more than five days of work day credit for participation in after school activities that consist of three or more hours of work. Each three hour increment shall generally equate to one/half work day. In addition, the Superintendent may approve the use of up to five work days prior to the regular start date.

Work Year (Management Personnel only)

High School Principal 220
Middle School Principal 215
High School Assistant Principal 210
Middle School Assistant Principal 210
Elementary Principal 210
Adult School Principal 220
Adult School Assistant Principal 220
Human Resources Director II 225
Curriculum/Special Projects Director 210
Student Services Director 200
School Nutrition Director 220

Holidays and School Breaks (Management Personnel only)

Holidays and school breaks are not credited as work days unless actually worked.

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