4131 – Personnel – Certificated Personnel – Staff Development

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Adopted – 7/16/1998
Revised –
The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that certificated staff members have opportunities to learn both from outside sources and from each other. These opportunities may include release time, leaves of absence or use of noninstructional time for:

1. Visits to other classrooms and other schools
2. Attendance at professional education conferences or committee meetings
3. Participation in professional development networks that promote inquiry and allow staff to analyze and evaluate each other’s work
4. Peer conferences and/or joint staff preparation time
5. Discussions with representatives of business and community agencies for the purpose of identifying the skills, knowledge and aptitudes necessary for specific career paths and developing meaningful career-related, work-based learning experiences
6. Internships in industry and community agencies where teachers can learn how academic skills are used in the workplace
7. Travel, study and research in subject matter content and effective educational practices
8. Training classes and workshops offered by the district, county office of education or state projects
9. Training in institutions of higher education, including credit courses conducted in or near the district whenever possible
10. Follow-up activities that help staff to implement newly acquired skills

The Superintendent or designee shall provide an up-to-date professional library for use by staff.

Staff Development Buy-out Program

The Superintendent or designee shall design a program which provides staff development opportunities for classroom teachers on days that are not counted as instructional time and which meets the following conditions: (EC 44579.1)

1. The program shall meet district educational priorities related to academic content and instructional methods in the core curricular areas of mathematics, history/social science, science and English/ language arts (reading, writing, speaking and listening).
2. For each staff development day provided under this program, the district shall reduce by one day the number of staff development days offered as student- free days within the instructional year.
3. Each day of staff development shall be at least as long as the day district certificated employees would otherwise be required to work.
4. Any day of staff development held within the 180-day instructional period shall be conducted only upon entering or exiting a regularly scheduled break or at the beginning or end of the school year.

Beginning Teacher Support

To support teachers who are serving in their first or second year of service and enable them to be effective in teaching district students, the Superintendent or designee shall: (Education Code 44279.2)

1. Develop, implement and evaluate a teacher induction program which meets the Quality and Effectiveness for Beginning Teacher Induction Program Standards adopted by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing
2. Support beginning teachers in meeting the competencies described in the California Standards for the Teaching Profession adopted by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing
3. Meet criteria for the cost-effective delivery of program services

See Policy #4131
CSBA Date – 2/98

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