4131.5 – Personnel – Certificated Personnel – Professional Growth

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Regulation – x
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Adopted – 1/4/1996
Revised –
When selecting professional growth advisors, the Superintendent or designee shall consider:

1. Subject matter compatibility, interest in special topics, and interactive skills.
2. Proximity to the work location of the teacher and reasonable workload for the advisor. (Title 5, Section 80556)

The professional growth advisor shall:

1. Advise teachers of school district and state professional growth requirements.
2. Identify growth needs of the district.
3. Assist in defining the teacher’s goals and objectives for professional growth.
4. Approve all plans prior to their implementation and upon completion.

The Superintendent or designee shall provide all teachers with the names and work locations of the district’s designated professional growth advisors. (Title 5, Section 80556)

See Policy 4031.5; PGTA Contract.
CSBA Date – 12/90

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