4116 – Personnel – Certificated Personnel – Probationary/Permanent Status

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Adopted – 7/16/1998
Revised –
Probationary Status

Probationary employees shall receive training, assistance and evaluations consistent with their needs as new teachers. Such training and assistance may consist of inservice training and/or meetings with the employee’s evaluator to discuss areas of strength and areas requiring improvement. Inservice training may be provided during school hours as part of a comprehensive staff development program.

The performance of each probationary employee shall be evaluated and assessed at least once every school year.

Permanent Status

Granting of permanent status shall be based on completion of the probationary period in accordance with applicable law. Employees granted permanent status acquire specific rights under the Education Code, including those relating to discipline and dismissal. (Education Code 44932-44988)

EC 44466, 44850.1, 44885.5, 44908, 44915, 44917-921, 44929.20-929.23, 44929.28, 44930-988, 44948.2.
CSBA Date – 2/98

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