4115 – Personnel – Certificated Personnel – Evaluation/Supervision

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Adopted – 7/16/1998
Revised –  12/04/2003

The Superintendent or designee shall print and make available to certificated employees written regulations related to the evaluation of their performance in their assigned duties.  (EC 35171)

Certificated staff shall receive information regarding the District’s evaluation criteria and procedures upon employment with the District and whenever the negotiated contract is revised.

Certificated employee performance shall be evaluated and assessed on a continuing basis, at least once a year for probationary staff and at least every other year for permanent staff. Permanent employees who receive an unsatisfactory evaluation shall be assessed annually until they receive a satisfactory evaluation.  (EC 44664)

The Superintendent or designee shall assess the performance of certificated instructional staff as it reasonably relates to the following criteria:  (EC 44662)

1.    Student progress toward District standards of expected achievement for their grade level in each area of study
2.    The instructional techniques and strategies used by the employee
3.    The employee’s adherence to curricular objectives
4.    The establishment and maintenance of a suitable learning environment within the scope of the employee’s responsibilities

The evaluation of certificated employee performance shall not include the use of publishes’ norms established by standardized tests.  (EC 44662)

Non-instructional certificated employees shall be evaluated on their performance in fulfilling their defined job responsibilities.   (EC 44662)

Evaluations shall include recommendations, if necessary, as to areas of improvement in the employee’s performance.  If an employee is not performing satisfactorily according to standards approved by the Board, the Superintendent or designee shall so notify the employee in writing, describing the unsatisfactory performance.  The Superintendent or designee shall also confer with the employee, make specific recommendations as to areas of improvement, and provide assistance to the employee.  (EC 44664)

The Superintendent or designee may require that instructional employees who receive unsatisfactory ratings participate in a program designed to improve areas of performance and to further student achievement and the District’s instructional objectives.  (EC 44664)

Any employee who receives an unsatisfactory rating in the area of teaching methods or instruction shall participate in the District’s peer assistance and review program.  (EC 44664)

Results of an employee’s participation in the peer assistance and review program shall be made available as part of the employee’s evaluation. (EC 44662)

Certificated instructional employees shall receive a written copy of their evaluation no later than 30 days before the last day of school.    Before the last day of school, the employee and the evaluator shall meet to discuss the evaluation.  (EC 44663)

Non-instructional certificated staff members employed on a 12-month basis shall receive a copy of their evaluation no later than June 30 of the year in which the evaluation is made.  Before July 30 of the year in which the evaluation takes place, the employee and the evaluator shall meet to discuss the evaluation.  (EC 44663)

Instructional and non-instructional certificated employees shall have the right to respond in writing to their evaluation.  This response shall become a permanent attachment to the employee’s personnel file.  (EC 44663)

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