4112.2 – Personnel – Certificated Personnel – Certification

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Adopted – 7/16/1998
Revised – 12/04/2003

The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that persons employed in positions requiring certification qualifications have the appropriate credential or permit authorizing their employment in such positions.

When fully credentialed individuals are not available, the District may employ persons with emergency permits, intern permits, pre-intern certificates or credential waivers in accordance with law.

The Superintendent or designee shall develop a plan to facilitate and support the professional development of persons with emergency permits so that they may become fully qualified teachers.

Legal Reference:
8360-8370 Qualifications of child care personnel
32340-32341 Unlawful issuance of a credential
44066 Limitations on certification requirements
44200-44405 Teacher credentialing, especially:
44225.6 CTC annual report on credentials, internships and emergency permits
44225.7 Priorities for recruitment when fully prepared teacher not available
44227 Teacher education courses for out-of-state applicants
44251 Period of credentials
44252 Standards and procedures for issuance; proficiency testing of basic skills
44252.5 State basic skills assessment required for certificated personnel
44259 Minimum requirements for teaching credential
44259.5 Standards for teachers of all students, including English language learners
44259.8 Alternative means of entering teaching profession; District recommendation for credential
44274-44274.5 Out-of-state credentials
44275.3 Employment of teachers with out-of-state credentials
44277 Requirements for maintaining valid credentials
44278 Credential appeal
44300-44301 Emergency permits
44302 CTC notification re District options when fully qualified teacher not available
44305-44308 Pre-internship teaching certificates
44325-44329 District interns
44330-44355 Certificates and credentials
44395-44397 National Board for Professional Teaching Standards certification incentive program
44400-44405 California Mathematics Initiative for Teaching
44830-44929 Employment of certificated persons; requirement of proficiency in basic skills
56060-56063 Substitute teachers in special education
80001-80690.1 Commission on Teacher Credentialing
Association of Mexican-American Educators, et. al. v. State of California and the Commission on Teacher Credentialing, (1993) 836 F.Supp. 1534
Management Resources:
1227.99 CTC Memo #99-9931 Amendments pertaining to emergency permits
CTC memo 394-9414, August 15, 1994
CDE: http://www.cde.ca.gov/
CTC:  http://www.ctc.ca.gov/


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