4111 – Personnel – Certificated Personnel – Recruitment and Selection

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Adopted – 7/16/1998
Revised – 12/4/2003
Because an important factor in student achievement is the quality of the teaching staff, the Governing Board desires to employ the most highly qualified and appropriate person available for each open position.

The Superintendent or designee shall recruit candidates for open positions based on an assessment of the District’s needs for specific skills, knowledge and abilities. He/she shall develop job descriptions that accurately describe all essential and marginal functions and duties of each position, and shall disseminate job announcements to ensure a wide range of candidates.

The Superintendent or designee shall develop selection procedures that identify the best possible candidate for each position based on screening processes, interviews, observations, and recommendations from previous employers.

No inquiry shall be made with regard to the age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, medical condition, disability or sexual orientation of a person seeking employment. During job interviews, applicants may be asked to describe or demonstrate how they will be able to perform the duties of the job.

District employment practices shall not discriminate against legal non-citizen residents. Inquiries to assure employment eligibility shall be made in accordance with law, Board policy and administrative regulation.

For each position, the Superintendent or designee shall present to the Board one candidate who meets all qualifications established by law and the Board for the position. No person shall be employed by the Board without the recommendation or endorsement of the Superintendent or designee.

Legal Reference:
200-262.4 Prohibition of discrimination on the basis of sex
44066 Limitations on certification requirement
44259 Teaching credential; exception; designated subjects; minimum requirements
44735 Incentive grants for recruiting teachers for low-performing schools
44750-44754.5 Regional teacher recruitment centers
44830-44831 Employment of certificated persons
44858 Age or marital status in certificated positions
44859 Prohibition against certain rules and regulations re residency
52051 Academic Performance Index
GOVERNMENT CODE 12900 Unlawful employment practices
12940-12956 Discrimination prohibited; unlawful practices
UNITED STATES CODE. TITLE 8 1324(a)(b) Immigration and Nationality Act
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2000e-2000e-I 7 Title VII, Civil Rights Act of 1964 as amended
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12101-12213 Americans With Disabilities
CSBA Date –

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