4100 – Personnel – All Personnel – Positive School Climate

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Adopted – 11-18-2004
Revised –
The Governing Board is committed to providing and maintaining a positive learning environment for all students. As a means for achieving this goal, the Governing Board expects all staff to :

Create an environment which engenders safety and respect and does not expose students to embarrassment, or disparagement, verbal abuse, ridicule, or humiliation.

The Superintendent is directed to inform the school community of the Board’s intent to create a positive school climate and to establish a procedure in which parents or students can inform the school administration if they believe there have been violations.

BP/AR 1312.1 Complaints concerning school personnel
BP/AR 1312.3 Uniform complaint procedure
BP/Reg 4019.11 Sexual Harassment
Reg 4344 Complaints
Ed Code 233-233.8
Ed Code 32239.5

CSBA Date –

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