4056.2 – Personnel – All Personnel – Awards and Recognition

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Adopted – 7/16/1998
Revised –
***Note: Education Code 44015 authorizes the Board to make awards to employees for reasons listed below and mandates the Board to first adopt rules and regulations to implement its awards program. The Board may authorize a merit awards committee to grant awards of $200 or less. The awards committee may consist of district officers, employees and/or private citizens. (Education Code 44015) ***

The Governing Board believes the district’s employees are its most valuable resource and encourages recognition of the services they provide. The Superintendent or designee may issue service pins, certificates, plaques or other mementos in accordance with Board policy and administrative regulations.

The Board authorizes awards to employees who:

1. Propose ideas or procedures which eliminate or reduce district expenditures or improve district operations.
2. Perform special acts or services in the public interest.
3. By their superior accomplishments, make exceptional contributions to the efficiency, economy, or other improvement in district operations (EC 44015)

The Superintendent or designee shall recommend individuals to the Board for such awards.

CSBA Pol. 4156.2; EC35160, 35160.1, 35161, 44015
CSBA Date – 12/91

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