4035 – Personnel – All Personnel – Soliciting and Selling

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Adopted – 1/4/1996
Revised –
Soliciting Funds From School Personnel

There shall be no solicitation of funds for commercial purposes from school personnel during working hours.

Agents shall be forbidden from soliciting funds or offering for sale any wares, articles, stocks, insurance, or other items on school premises at any time. This policy does not prohibit an employee or staff from inviting a sales representative to meet with the employee or staff for the purposes of presenting information regarding materials or services that pertain to the educational program or the welfare of students or employees.

Teachers approached by solicitors or salespersons during working hours are directed to refer to policy and deny interviews. Each such incident should be reported to the Principal.

Soliciting by School Personnel

Employees shall not solicit district staff, students or their families with the intent to sell general merchandise, books, equipment or services without the approval of the Superintendent.

Staff shall not distribute promotional, political, controversial or other noninstructional materials unless approved by the Superintendent or designee.

Staff members shall not use their status as district employees to secure information such as names, addresses and telephone numbers for use in profit-making ventures.

Educational tours may be promoted on school premises only if they are sponsored by the district. Employees engaged in planning, organizing or leading tours as a private business shall make it clear that they do not represent the school or district. All activities related to such tours must be carried on outside of school hours and off school premises.

Any classroom activity requiring students to bring money to school for any purpose must have the principal’s approval.

Staff participation in “flower funds,” “sickness and bereavement funds,” “anniversary funds” and the like shall be a matter of individual discretion.

EC 51520
CSBA Date – 9/98

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