4013.4 – Personnel – All Personnel – Temporary Modified/Light Duty Assignment

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Adopted – 7/16/1998
Revised –
The Governing Board recognizes that when employees suffer work-related injuries, modified or light-duty assignments minimize lost time and may serve to facilitate the transition back to the employee’s regular duties or full-time work. Whenever possible, the Superintendent or designee shall offer such employees this kind of temporary assignment.

Modified or light-duty assignments shall be designed to accommodate medical restrictions specified by the employee’s physician. They may include work in the same job classification or a different job classification at the employee’s regular salary rate.

Modified or light-duty assignments are intended to address short-term medical restrictions and will normally extend for less than eight weeks’ duration. These assignments shall not be used as a means to establish new assignments or displace other employees.

EC: 44984, 45192
CSBA Date – 10/95

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