4012.6 – Personnel – All Personnel – Personnel Files

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Adopted – 7/16/1998
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The Superintendent or designee shall maintain personnel files for all current employees. All personnel files are confidential and shall be available only to the employee, persons authorized by the employee and those authorized by the Superintendent or designee. Employee files shall be maintained at the district’s central office. The Superintendent or designee shall determine the types of information to be included and shall process all material to be placed in a personnel file.

Ratings, reports, or records shall not be available for inspection by employees if they were obtained prior to the employment of the person involved, prepared by identifiable examination committee members or obtained in connection with a promotional examination. However, noncredentialed employees shall have access to any numerical scores obtained as result of written examinations. (Education Code 44031)

Placement of Material in Personnel Files

Any person who places written material or drafts written material for placement in an employee’s file shall sign the material and signify the date of placement.

When an employee is asked to sign any material that is to be placed in his/her file, it is with the understanding that his/her signature signifies only that he/she has read the material and does not necessarily indicate agreement with its contents.

Derogatory Information

Except for the ratings, reports or records specified above as not open to inspection, employees shall be notified whenever derogatory information is to be placed in their personnel files. Any employee so notified may ask to review and comment on the contents. Such a review shall take place during normal school hours. The employee shall be released from duty for this purpose without a salary reduction. (Education Code 44031)

1. Derogatory material must be signed and dated by the originating person. Anonymous documents, letters or other materials shall not be filed.

2. The notice shall inform the employee that he/she should respond within 10 working days from the receipt of the notice. The inspection shall take place in the presence of the Superintendent or designee.

3. After the employee has reviewed and made written comments on the deroga- tory material, it shall be entered into the personnel file and shall become a part of the employee’s record.

File Review by Employee

1. Except for ratings, reports or records specified above as not open to inspection, all other written materials placed in personnel files shall be made available for inspection by the employee at an off-duty time. Inspection shall take place in the presence of the Superintendent or designee.

2. Employees wishing to inspect their personnel file shall contact the Superintendent or designee. The employee may be accompanied by a representative of the employee’s choice while reviewing the file.

3. All reviews of personnel files shall be recorded, including notation of date and time reviewed, and name and title of the person(s) present during the review.

4. In no instance shall any material be removed from the file. Requests for copies of material in a personnel file must be made in writing.

5. Any request by an employee to include any materials in the file must be approved by the Superintendent or designee.

File Review by Management and Board

1. Personnel files are confidential and access shall be strictly controlled by the Superintendent or designee.

2. Personnel files shall be reviewed in the office where the files are maintained unless otherwise approved in writing by the Superintendent or designee.

3. Personnel files shall be reviewed and replaced within the shortest time possible. In no case should a personnel file be left unattended or left unfiled overnight.

4. Management personnel or district legal counsel with a valid “right to know” or “need to know” may, with the Superintendent or designee’s authorization, review an employee’s personnel file.

5. Board members are not allowed access to personnel files but may request pertinent information from an employee’s file in cases of personnel action. The contents of all personnel files shall be kept in strict confidence.

CSBA: AR 4112.6; See Policy #4012.6
CSBA Date – 2/98

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