4012.4 – Personnel – All Personnel – Health Examinations

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Adopted – 1/4/1996
Revised –
New Employees

The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that new district employees comply with all the health examination requirements of California law.

In addition, the Superintendent or designee may require applicants for employment in classified positions to undergo a preemployment physical examination to show that they are physically able to perform the duties of specific jobs. (Education Code 45122)

Continuing Employees

Continuing employees shall undergo periodic tuberculosis tests in accordance with law at least once every four years or more often if directed by the Governing Board upon recommendation of a local health officer. (Education Code 49406)

Employees may be required to pass a physical examination any time such an examination appears necessary to preserve the health and welfare of district students and employees, or to furnish medical proof of physical ability to perform satisfactorily the assigned duties of an individual’s position. (Education Code 44839, 45122)

EC 44839-839.5, 44932, 44942 EC 45122, 49406; CODE OF REGS, TITLE 5 5502-5504.
CSBA Date – 3/93

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