3541 – Business – Transportation – Transportation Routes and Services

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Adopted – 7/16/1998
Revised – 11/5/2009
Routes and Bus Stops

The Superintendent or designee shall design transportation routes and stops to promote the safety of students and maximum efficiency in the use of buses. Parents who have their child(ren) enrolled in a before and/or after school daycare program may request that their child(ren) be transported from or to a bus stop near that location, as long as it is within the district’s boundaries.

Students who reside beyond the minimum transportation distances listed below shall be eligible for transportation service to the school of their attendance area:

For elementary school students:
Grades K-3: one mile
Grades 4-8: one mile

The Superintendent or designee may authorize transportation within the walking distance when safety problems or hazards exist.

Students who attend a school outside their attendance area may be eligible for transportation services in accordance with Governing Board policy.

The Superintendent or designee shall communicate in writing to parents/guardians regarding bus routes, schedules and stops and/or shall arrange for local media to publish such information.

Transportation Services

With the Board’s authorization, transportation services may be provided or arranged by the District for:
1. Students traveling to and from school during the regular school day (Education Code 38020)
2. Field trips and excursions (Education Code 35330)
3. School activities, expositions or fairs, or other activities determined to be for the benefit of students (Education Code 38065)
4. District employees or parents/guardians traveling to and from educational activities authorized by the District (Education Code 38055)
5. Preschool or nursery school students (Education Code 38020)
6. Students traveling to full-time occupational classes provided by a Regional Occupational Program or Center (Education Code 38028, 41850)
7. Private school students, in the same manner and on the same routes provided for District students (Education Code 38029)
8. Non-school purposes as allowed by law, such as:
a. Community recreation (Education Code 38052)
b. Public transportation (Education Code 38059)

The District shall provide home-to-school transportation and additional transportation services as needed for students with disabilities as specified in their individualized education programs or 504 plans. For parents requesting transportation to or from parent-provided daycare programs, these must be within the District’s boundaries. (Education Code 41850, 20 USC 1400 – 1491, 34 CFR 104.4)

If a homeless student attending school in this District moves to a shelter that is in another District, the Superintendent or designee may arrange transportation that enables the student to continue attending the same school in this District. This transportation may be achieved through the transportation services of this District, the new District or an outside agency.

Legal Reference:
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