3541.2 – Business – Transportation – Transportation For Students with Disabilities

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Adopted – 7/16/1998
Revised – 11/5/2009
The Governing Board shall ensure that appropriate transportation services are provided for students with disabilities as specified in their individualized education program (IEP) or accommodation plan. The District shall make home-to-school transportation available for students at no cost to parents/guardians as specified in the student’s IEP. Whenever necessary, due to the nature or severity of the student’s disability, this transportation will be door-to-door.

The Superintendent or designee shall establish criteria and procedures for determining the most appropriate mode of transportation for an individual student based on identified needs as determined in the IEP or accommodation plan.

The Superintendent or designee shall arrange transportation schedules so that students with disabilities do not spend an excessive amount of time on buses compared to other students. Arrivals and departures shall not reduce the length of the school day for these students except as may be prescribed on an individual basis.

The Superintendent or designee shall establish procedures to ensure compatibility between mobile seating devices and bus securement systems. (EC 56221)

EC 38028, 38057, 41850-854, EC 48209-209.16, 48915.5, 56221, 56327, 56345, 56366, 56366.1; CODE OF REGS, TITLE 5 15050, 15243, 15271; US CODE, TITLE 20 1400-1491o; CODE OF FED REGS, TITLE 34 104.4; CODE OF FED REGS, TITLE 49 571.222. CDE MGMT ADVISORIES 0500.92. CDE PROG ADVISORIES 0609.95.
CSBA Date – 10/97

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