3533 – Business – Non-Instructional Operation – Software Copyright Policy

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Adopted – 10/5/1989
Revised –
The Pacific Grove Unified School District recognizes that computer software piracy is a major problem for the computer software industry and that such piracy contributes to higher costs and greater efforts to prevent copying and/or lessen incentives for the development of effective educational uses of microcomputers.

In order to prevent the unauthorized copying of computer software by employees or students of the district, the following activities shall be incorporated with the district computer program:

1. The ethical and practical implications of software piracy will be taught in all schools in the district.

2. When software is to be used on a disk sharing system, efforts will be made to secure this software from unauthorized copying.

3. Illegal copies of copyrighted programs may not be made or used on school equipment.

4. The district shall not defend or indemnify employees who knowingly and intentionally violate copyright laws.

5. The Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent for Business are hereby designated as the only individuals who may sign software license agreements for schools in the district. Each school using licensed software should have a signed copy of the applicable software licensing agreement for local control.

6. The principal of each school site is responsible for establishing practices which will enforce this software copying policy at the school level.

EC 35182; US CODE TITLE 17.
CSBA Date – 6/88

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