3530 – Business – Non-Instructional Operation – Risk management/ Insurance

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Adopted – 7/16/1998
Revised –
The Governing Board strongly supports a risk management program that protects district resources and promotes the safety of students, staff and the public.

The Superintendent or designee shall establish a risk management program that uses effective safety and loss control practices. The district shall strive to keep its liability at a minimum and its insurance premiums as low as possible while maintaining adequate protection. To determine the most economical means of insuring the district consistent with required services, the Superintendent or designee shall annually review the district’s options for obtaining coverage, including qualified insurance agents, a joint powers agency, self-insurance, or a combination of these means.

The Board reserves the right to remove an insurance agent-of-record or a participating agent whenever, in the judgment of the Board, such action becomes desirable for the best interests of the district.

To attempt to minimize the district’s exposure to liability, the Board shall adopt clear policies related to discrimination, harassment, safety procedures, and the timely handling of claims. The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that these policies and related procedures are enforced fairly and consistently.

EC 17729.5, 32350, 35162, 35200-214, EC 35331, 39601-621, 39837, 41021, 44873, 49470-474; GC 820.9, 989-991.2;
LABOR CODE 3200-4855.
CSBA Date – 10/95

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