3515.2 – Business – Non-Instructional Operation – Disruptions

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Adopted – 7/16/1998
Revised – 4/18/2013
The Governing Board is committed to keeping the schools free from intruders and requires all visitors to register upon coming on campus.

The principal or designee shall promptly expel from school premises any individual he/she thinks might disrupt normal school operations, threaten the health and safety of students or staff, or cause property damage.

The principal or designee shall ensure that all staff members know what action to take when they observe strangers on school grounds and when and how to get help from law enforcement authorities.

Legal Reference:
32210 Willful disturbance of public school or meeting: misdemeanor
32211 Threatened disruption or interference with classes; misdemeanor
35160 Authority of governing boards
44810 Willful interference with classroom conduct
44811 Disruption of classwork or extracurricular activities
51512 Prohibited use of electronic listening or recording device
243.5 Assault or battery on school property
415.5 Disturbance of peace of school
626 Definitions
626.4 Notice of withdrawal or consent; report; action on report; reinstatement of consent; hearing; unlawful entry upon campus or facility; punishment
626.7 Failure to leave campus or facility; wrongful return; penalties; notice; exceptions
626.8 Disruptive presence at schools
626.85 Drug offenders; presence on school grounds
626.9-626.10 Gun Free School Zone Act
627-627.10 Access to school premises
653g Loitering about schools or public places
In Re Jimi A., (1989) 209 Cal. App. 3d 482
In Re Oscar R., (1984) 161 Cal. App. 3d 770
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