3512.2 – Business – Business – Loss or Damage of personal Property

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Adopted – 7/1/1999
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A. General:

1. Suggestions or questions concerning this procedure should be directed to the Business Office.
2. Personal property is any personal property, with value of no less than $50 (fifty dollars), other than apparel, on the school premises for a general or specific school use, pursuant to Regulation #3512.1.
3. District reimbursement for loss or damage to such personal property will be made only when prior approval for its use has been given, and only when such loss or damage occurs through no fault of the personal providing the property.
4. District reimbursement for loss or damage to personal property thus approved and in school use at the time of such an occurrence is in effect limited to the lesser of actual cash value or any insurance deductible applicable to the loss, up to a maximum of $1,000 (one thousand dollars).
5. The administrator approving the school use of personal property is responsible for assisting in the submission of any claim by the person providing the property.
6. The Assistant Superintendent for Business Services, or designee, is responsible to act as the District claims representative/adjuster.

B. Procedure:

1. In the event that a personal property damage or loss occurs through no fault of the owner, the owner of the property shall complete a loss report (Exhibit 3512.2b) and submit report per the instructions contained therein. NOTE: Such personal property loss or damage should be reported along with any District property loss of damage report for a given incident.
2. The Business Office is to be notified immediately of damage or loss to personal property approved for school use in a written claim to be submitted as follows:
a. Personal property loss report (Exhibit 3512.2b) with applicable attachments.
b. The approved Exhibit 3512.1a form is to be referenced indicating its date, period of time authorized, and District facility authorizing use.
3. The Assistant Superintendent of Business Services is to investigate the claim and prepare a recommendation for any required Board action.
4. The person submitting the claim is to be informed in writing of final Board disposition of any such claim.

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