3512.1 – Business – Business – Employee / Student Personal property

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Adopted – 7/1/1999
Revised –
The Pacific Grove Unified School District is not responsible for the personal property of employees/students unless such property serves a District business/instructional purpose and is brought into the workplace/classroom with proper approval, pursuant to District procedures.

Such approval must be renewed annually.

Upon such approval, the District shall provide limited reimbursement to any person or persons for the loss or damage by fire, theft, or vandalism of personal property used by the school district.

The value of the property shall be agreed upon in advance by the person(s) bringing the property to the school and the administrator at the school or facility responsible for approving use of the property. The District shall reimburse the owner for the loss or damage up to the maximum amounts indicated in the appropriate Administrative Regulations.

The right of the owner to District reimbursement shall be subrogated to the right of the owner to reimbursement from any other source. The District reserves the right to enforce its subrogation right in any court of competent jurisdiction.

EC 35213
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