3512.1 – Business – Business – Employee and Student Use of Personal property

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Adopted – 7/1/1999
Revised –
A. Purpose and Scope:

1. To outline the district requirements for prior approval for temporary school use of employee/student personal property for district business.
2. To specify the procedures any individual must follow to gain such approval.

B. General:

1. This is an implementing procedure to Board Policy 3512.1.
2. Personal property is any personal property other than apparel, with a value of $50 (fifty dollars) or more, proposed for general or specific use on school premises. Examples may include various personally-owned instructional materials or equipment, electrical appliances, art works, furniture and tools.
3. Prior approval for the temporary school use of personal property is required before any reimbursement for subsequent loss or damage may be made.
4. Any authorization for the temporary school use of personal property expires annually on July 1, except that:
a. Such authorization may be specified to terminate prior to July 1.
b. Any summer school authorization commencing in June or later may extend no later than September 1.
5. The administrator supervising each district facility is responsible only for the execution of this procedure with respect to requests made for school use of personal property at that site.

C. Forms and Additional References:

1. Request for Temporary Use of Personal Property on School Premises (Exhibit 3512.1a).

D. Procedure:

1. Whenever a person wishes to provide personal property for temporary use on school premises and before property is brought on school premises, it is necessary for this person to furnish the administrator in charge of the area in which the personal property is to be used with the following information on Exhibit 3512.1a in duplicate, entitled Request for Temporary Use of Personal Property.
a. Complete description of the property, including condition.
b. Model/serial numbers, if any.
c. Proposed use of the property.
d. Reason why the property is needed (personal preference over school district counterpart is not an acceptable reason).
e. The length of time the property will be located on school premises.
f. The value of the property agreed upon by the responsible administrator (actual cash value to be used must be $50 (fifty dollars) or greater).
g. Name and address of legal owner.
h. If legal owner has insurance, furnish the following:
1. name and address of insurance carrier
2. policy number
3. date of policy expiration
4. name, address, phone of insurance carrier/agent
5. policy deductible
6. The administrator in charge must approve Exhibit 3512.1a and agree with the actual cash value placed on the property. In approving use of the personal property, the administrator is also verifying that he/she has examined the property and it appears to meet normal safety standards. This request (Exhibit 3512.1a) must be submitted to and approved by the Assistant Superintendent of Business Services, for employee property, prior to use of said property on school premises.
7. Completed form is to be retained by the site administrator for student property, and forwarded to the Business Office for employee property.

E. Record Retention and Destruction:

1. Originator should retain a copy of the approved form Exhibit 3512.1a for the duration of his/her school use of personal property.
2. The administrator approving the use should retain the copy of the form Exhibit 3512.1a for six months following expiration of approval.
3. The Business Services Office is to retain the original of the approved form Exhibit 3512.1a for 90 days past the periods above, if no claim for reimbursement is made for loss or damage. If a claim for reimbursement is filed pursuant to Regulation 3512.1, the form is to become an attachment to the claim file.

EC 1019.5
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