3452 – Business – Management of District Assets/ Accounts – Student Activity Funds

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Adopted – 11/3/1994
Revised –
The Superintendent authorizes the Principals in each district school to establish student organizations to promote the general welfare, morale and educational experiences of the students. Student funds shall finance worthwhile activities which go beyond those provided by the district.

The Superintendent is responsible to the Board for the supervision of student organization activities and for the financial use of student activity funds and delegates responsibility to the following staff:

The Assistant Superintendent, Business shall be responsible to:

1. Assist the Principal at each school to establish procedures for handling student activity funds, for conducting an annual audit and the reporting of them to the Superintendent.

2. Approve all disbursement of funds on behalf of the Superintendent.

3. Inform the Superintendent on a regular basis regarding the financial conduct of the schools student activity funds.

4. Direct the holding or investing of student activity funds in accordance with the Education Code and with Board approval.

5. Prepare an annual report to the Board of each student activity fund.

The Principal shall be responsible to:

1. Establish appropriate student organizations to benefit the educational program and maintain communication with the Superintendent and/or his designee as needed or requested.

2. Supervise or delegate supervision of all student activities and funds to a certificated student activity advisor. Upon delegation, the Principal remains responsible for the conduct of the student organization and student activity funds.

3. Assist the student activity advisor and students in establishing procedures to maintain minutes of meetings and financial transactions and to assure the management of funds with sound business procedures.

4. Conduct an audit of all student activity funds on an annual basis and report the activities and funding processes to the Superintendent or his designee.

See Policy #3452.
Source: Salinas City School District.
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