3350 – Business – Expenditures/expenditing Authority – Travel Expenses

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Adopted – 1/1/2096
Revised – 1/20/2011

District Employees and Board members shall be reimbursed for expenses when performing authorized services for the School District. A Request to Attend form must be submitted at least fifteen days prior to the travel and a copy of the approved form must be attached to the Request for Reimbursement after the travel is completed.

All rates for travel and expense reimbursement will be reviewed every year when the new rates are published, using the U.S. General Services Administration POV (Privately Owned Vehicle) Mileage Reimbursement Rates and the adjusted Continental U.S. Per Diem Rates.

The traveler has the option of being reimbursed for meals as Per Diem or Actual and Necessary Expenses. The back of the Request to Attend form lists the current GSA per diem rates for the most traveled counties in California. Per Diem is a flat rate and does not require receipts. Reimbursement for Actual and Necessary meal expense does require receipts be attached, no exceptions.

A. Travel Within the District

With prior written approval from the Site Administrator or Supervisor, or as noted in the job description, employees may claim mileage at the current GSA-approved rate. Reimbursement will occur when the employee submits an approved Request for Reimbursement form. All claims must be made in the fiscal year that they occurred.

B. Travel Outside the District

An employee attending a conference or meeting at District expense must have prior written approval by the Site Administrator/Supervisor on the appropriate authorization form.

Attendance will be subject to funds availability as verified by the Assistant Superintendent, Business.

C. Reimbursement for Travel

Travel by privately owned automobile

Employees who travel by automobile will be reimbursed according to the actual miles traveled in a private vehicles at the current GSA rate.

When two or more District employees or Board members are attending the same event on the same days, every effort should be made to rideshare. Only the driver may claim mileage reimbursement.

Travel by airplane

An employee or Board member may choose to travel by commercial airline as a reasonable option. Making the flight reservation as early as possible is encouraged. Airfare (coach class) reimbursement will be for whichever is less, the cost of the flight or point-to-point round trip mileage.

D. Reimbursement for Expenses

It is advisable to submit purchase orders in advance for registration and hotel accommodations. Arrangements can be made for prepayment of the purchase orders directly to the event sponsor or hotel if this is a requirement. All other reimbursement expenses are to be submitted on a Request for Reimbursement form after the event.

The following are allowable reimbursements:

o program materials (books, CD’s, DVD’s)
o roundtrip mileage
o work related phone calls
o parking (receipt required)
o bridge tolls (receipt required)
o taxi, airport bus, shuttle (receipts required)
o meals, per diem (no receipts)
o meals, actual (receipts required; otherwise, reimbursement will be according to per diem rates)
o Internet connections (if conducting school district business)

The following are not allowable reimbursements:
o tips
o alcoholic beverages
o personal hone calls
o Internet connections (for personal use)
o movies

E. Actual and Necessary or Unanticipated, Unusual or Exceptional Circumstances

If while traveling or attending a conference, an unanticipated, unusual or exceptional expense occurs, the employee may, upon returning to the District, request reimbursement. The request must have the receipt attached to the written notification for payment. If approved by the Site Administrator/Supervisor, the reimbursement request will be forwarded to the Business Office for budget verification and payment.

In the event a dispute develops as to whether expenses are actual, and/or necessary, the employee may request a decision from the Superintendent. If the employee is not satisfied with the Superintendent’s decision, the employee may request that the Board review the matter and issue a decision, which shall be final.

Policy 3350
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