3314.3 – Business – Expenditures/ Expending Authority – Use of Consultants

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Adopted – 11/3/1994
Revised –
The Board recognizes the need to use consultants when they can provide valuable and necessary specialized services not normally required on a continuing basis and which cannot be provided by district personnel because of limitations of time, experience or knowledge.

Consultants as used in this policy are individuals, firms or organizations employed to provide specific technical or training services, or professional, technical or expert advice, opinion or guidance to management personnel on a limited and as needed basis which may assist management in decision-making and/or project development.

Consultants are independent contractors or resource persons who are specially trained, experienced, competent or uniquely qualified to perform the services required. A person should not be employed as a consultant if an employer-employee relationship exists, and no person or agency shall be employed as a consultant if such person or agency will directly or indirectly influence decisions which will benefit him/her financially. Employees of other public agencies who contract with the district as consultants shall be required to certify that they will not receive salary or remuneration, other than vacation pay, from any other public agency for the specific time of the contract.

EC 10400, 35010, 35046, 35172; GC 53060.
CSBA Date – 9/88

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